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Getting the data right

Getting the Data Right


The overall issue that the project addresses is this lack of updated, detailed, globally complete, valid, and trustworthy data. The project will provide a globally unique tool for quantitative assessment of the climate effects of decision alternatives, popularly speaking ‘a climate footprint generator’, and a mechanism to ensure its continuous updating. The project expands the detail, coverage and applicability of the currently most advanced hybrid input‐output database, brings the data up‐to‐date, and provides public access to work of previous research projects completed as part of several EU FP6 and FP7 projects. 



The key objectives are:

  • Providing an up‐to‐date climate footprint generator, based on a consistent physical and monetary model of global production and consumption activities and their climate impacts, at an extraordinary level of detail (>1000 activities and product groups) and geographical specificity.
  • Minimizing the effort required for continuous updating of the model through automation and open collaboration on data collection and calculation procedures.
  • Enhancing the previously developed models, with respect to the modelling of household consumption patterns, carbon flows in ecosystems, and routines for handling uncertainty on raw data and calculations.
  • Increasing the accessibility and applicability of the climate footprint generator for decision support and communication at all levels from individual consumers and companies to global decision makers.
  • Embedding the climate footprint generator in an independent, self‐financed, global, academically based network, ensuring to the widest extent possible the future continuous updating of the tool, supported by openly documented and accessible procedures for automated data collection, data treatment, validation and review.