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BioMat@Copenhagen Research Centre

BioMat@Copenhagen Research CentrE

Biobased Materials and Materials Cycles in the Building Industry

Based on the success of a research group named BioMat in Germany that was initiated in 2016, a more advanced and wider branched research centre is initiated in 2022 in the center of Europe- in Copenhagen- to integrate annual renewable, circular and natural bio- resources with digital and IT technologies towards advanced future sustainable architecture and building construction.

BioMat@Copenhangen Research Centre stands for Bio-based Materials and Materials Cycles in the Building Industry intending to integrate design, IT and digital technologies as a core, which is alligning with the faculty’s focus and the AAU’s strategies among other elite universities in Europe and the globe.

In this centre, diverse design philosophies to integrate materials innovatively in the design process are explored and experimented. Among the applied philosophies, the circular design philosophy ‚Materials as a Design Tool’ is applied to investigate local and renewable resources in a multidisciplinary approach to reach to innovative sustainable solutions for our built environment.

In BioMat@Copenhagen materials Know-How, computational design tools, digital and additive manufacturing technologies as well as AI systems are iteratively investigated whether combined and separately to cover diverse basic and applied research questions related to the future of the building industry. Circular Economy, Bio-Economy and Circular Design are here merged and researched. In BioMat@Copenhagen innovative solutions are created and handed back and forth between research and the industry. Research and teaching are attached and benefiting from one another, and industrial partners are key players in this scope.


BioMat at ITKE/University of Stuttgart/ H.Dahy