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Sustainability, Innovation and Policy

Sustainability, Innovation and Policy research group

Sustainability, Innovation and Policy research group

The main vision of the Sustainability, Innovation and Policy research group is to contribute to the development of sustainability through innovative and applied research.


Our research subjects are broad and cover a large spectrum of sustainability issues:

  • We have more than 20 years of experience in the field of clean tech and have a clear focus on eco-innovations within different business areas such as sustainable buildings and resource efficient products/processes. We are also researching clean tech from local and regional perspectives.
  • We have close cooperation with other research groups (e.g. the Sustainable Energy Planning research group and the Danish Center for Environmental Assessment) in the Department focussing on climate communities in the circular economy. Pollution prevention, systems innovation and sustainable consumption and production are at the heart of this research.

A recent focus in our research is collaboration with partners from the developing South. The research falls under the Access2Innovation umbrella, which focuses on user-driven innovation, technology assessment/development and business model formation.

The Wasteman project

The Wasteman project involves 6 partners from 3 Member States countries: DK, PL, LT and 4 associated partners. The partners represent sectors: scientific and research institutions (Institute of Fluid Flow Machinery Polish Academy of Science, Aalborg University), waste management companies (Bofa and Ekodolina), communes and municipalities (Administration of Taurage District Municipality, Nowa Karczma Commune). The overall idea of the project is to facilitate the transition of the waste management sector from linear to circular economy by implementation of Integrated Sustainable Waste Management System (ISWMS). Therefore, it will decrease the pollution from the waste management sector and at the same time ensures the effective recycling of municipal waste resources.


Learning Circular Procurement

Learning Circular Procurement