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Sustainable Energy Planning

The Sustainable Energy Planning Research Group

The Sustainable Energy Planning Research Group takes an interdisciplinary approach to the design and implementation of future sustainable energy systems.

The subject of study is energy planning in general with a focus on technical, geographical, economic and institutional aspects, such as energy system analysis, feasibility studies and public regulation seen in the light of technological change.  Among others, the group promotes the concept of Smart Energy Systems to provide the scientific basis for a paradigm shift away from single-sector thinking into a coherent and integrated understanding of how to design and identify the most achievable and affordable strategies to implement coherent future sustainable energy systems.

The group hosts the energy system analysis model EnergyPLAN, which is a freeware used by researchers all around the world. So far, the model has been used in more than 100 peer-reviewed journal articles.

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Energy Planning in Practice

In practice, the work of the research group comprises:

Development of computer models and tools for designing future sustainable energy systems
Regular involvement in the design of Danish and European energy policies and their implementation
Design of strategies for the development of energy efficiency and the integration of renewable energy
Analysis of planning, organisational and ownership models for integrated renewable energy

Developments of new theoretical and methodological concepts such as “Concrete Institutional Economics”, Choice Awareness” and “Smart Energy Systems”


The research group has the main responsibility for the Master's programme of Sustainable Energy Planning & Management. Further, the group is involved in PhD education at the International Doctoral School of Technology and Science at Aalborg University.