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The IFM Seminar 2015 was held on Læsø on 4 - 5 May. The seminar started on the ferry to Læsø where professor Jesper Raakjær, Head of Centre, gave an oral presentation of the last year. Arriving at Læsø the participants headed straight for Læsø Fiskeindustri in Østerby. Here Financial Director Svend Ole Larsen gave an interesting presentation of the company followed by a tour in the factory. 


After a couple of interesting presentations of the new IFM projects GOHERR and PRIMEFISH by associate professor Alyne Delaney and associate professor Søren Eliasen there was the IFM Advisory Group members contributed with important input as well as an interesting discussion regarding fisheries and IFM in the future.

The IFM Advisory Committee and IFM Staff on Læsø in May 2015.

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