Department of Planning



Political and environmental changes affect and alter the relationships between people and the sea. Centre for Blue Governance seeks to understand interconnected cultures and relationships to marine environments, space, and resources, and how political and environmental changes and their respective impacts manifest. The Centre analyses how coastal communities, governments, international organisations, and industry adapt to, seek to alter, and govern these changes. Through our research, we aim to advance social sciences in the field of blue governance and develop innovative approaches, both theoretical and applied, that align with the principles of sustainability, democracy, and legitimacy.


We envision that blue governance should contribute to aims of sustainability, democracy, and legitimacy. To achieve this, Centre for Blue Governance strives to:

  • Foster a network of scholars actively and effectively engaged in research on blue governance;
  • Advance the Centre’s reputation and legacy of IFM as a leader in marine social science, building upon fisheries and community-focussed research themes;
  • Develop methodologies and theories that bridge disciplines and institutions to contribute to our aims of legitimate, democratic, and sustainable modes of blue governance;
  • Effectively engage with society to ensure the relevance, use, and uptake of research to implement approaches and methodologies.