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Henrik Lund

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Recent papers:

H. Lund, P. A. Østergaard, T. B. Nielsen, S. Werner, J. E. Thorsen, O. Gudmundsson, A. Arabkhoohsar, B. V. Mathiesen: Perspectives on fourth and fifth generation district heating, Energy, Volume 227, July 2021.

M. Chang, J. Z. Thellufsen, B. Zakeri, B. Pickering, S. Pfenninger, H. Lund, P. A. Østergaard: Trends in tools and approaches for modelling the energy transition, Applied Energy, Volume 290, May 2021.

H. Lund, J. Z. Thellufsen, P. A. Østergaard, P. Sorknæs, I. R. Skov, B. V. Mathiesen: EnergyPLAN – Advanced analysis of smart energy systems, Smart Energy, Volume 1, February 2021.

J. Z. Thellufsen, H. Lund, P. Sorknæs, P. A. Østergaard, M. Chang, D. Drysdale, S. Nielsen, S. R. Djørup, K. Sperling: Smart energy cities in a 100% renewable energy context, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Volume 129, September 2020.

P. Cabrera, H. Lund, J. Z. Thellufsen, P. Sorknæs: The MATLAB Toolbox for EnergyPLAN: A tool to extend energy planning studies, Science of Computer Programming, Volume 191, June 2020.

P. Sorknæs, H. Lund, I. R. Skov, S. Djørup, K. Skytte, P. E. Morthorst, F. Fausto: Smart Energy Markets - Future electricity, gas and heating markets, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Volume 119, March 2020.



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Lund, H. Renewable energy strategies for sustainable development. Energy, Vol 32(6), pp. 912-919, June 2007. (Citet 192 times i Scopus by June 2014). Among the Top 10 most cited papers of Energy.
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Lund, H. Large-scale integration of wind power into different energy systems. Energy, Vol 30 (13), pp. 2402-2412, October 2005. Among the Top 10 most cited papers of Energy.