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Henrik Lund

Journal Articles Published in 2019

A. P. Piacentino, N. Duic, N. Markovska, B. V. Mathiesen, Z. Guzovińá, V. Eveloy, H. Lund: Sustainable and cost-efficient energy supply and utilisation through innovative concepts and technologies at regional, urban and single-user scales. Energy, Vol 182, September 2019, pp 254-268. 

D. Drysdale, B. V. Mathiesen, H. Lund: From Carbon Calculators to Energy System Analysis in Cities. Energies, Vol 12, June 2019, pp 1-21.

K. Hansen, C. Breyer, H. Lund: Status and perspectives on 100% renewable energy systemsEnergy, Vol 175, May 2019, pp 471-480.

J. Z. Thellufsen, S. Nielsen, H. Lund: Implementing cleaner heating solutions towards a future low-carbon scenario in IrelandJournal of Cleaner Production, Vol 214, March 2019, pp 377-388.

P. Sorknæs, S. R. Djørup, H. Lund, J. Z. Thellufsen: Quantifying the influence of wind power and photovoltaic on future electricity market prices. Energy Conversion and Management, Vol 180, January 2019, pp 312-324.

I. Soares, P. Ferreira, H. Lund: Energy transition: The economics & engineering nexus. Energy, Vol 166, January 2019, pp 961-962.