Department of Planning

Henrik Lund

Journal Articles Published in 2021

H. R. Rahbari, A. Arabkoohsar, M. P. Nielsen, B. V. Matthiesen, H. Lund: Quantification of realistic performance expectations from trigeneration CAES-ORC energy storage system in real operating conditions, Energy Conversion and Management, December 2021.

M. Yuan, J. Z. Thellufsen, H. Lund, Y. Liang: The electrification of transportation in energy transition, Energy, December 2021.

S. Luo, W. Hu, W. Liu, X. Xu, Q. Huang, Z. Chen, H. Lund: Transition pathways towards a deep decarbonization energy system—A case study in Sichuan, China, Applied Energy, Volume 302, November 2021.

M. Yuan, J. Z. Thellufsen, P. Sorknæs, H. Lund, Y. Liang: District heating in 100% renewable energy systems: Combining industrial excess heat and heat pumps, Energy Conversion and Management, September 2021.

Y. Noorollahi, H. Lund, S. Nielsen, J. Z. Thellufsen: Energy transition in petroleum rich nations: Case study of IranSmart Energy, Volume 3, August 2021.

M. S. Javed, T. Ma, N. Mousavi, S. Ahmed, H. Lund, H. Yang, Y. Dai: Quantifying Techno-economic Indicators’ Impact on Isolated Renewable Energy Systems, ISCIENCE, July 2021.

H. Lund, P. A. Østergaard, T. B. Nielsen, S. Werner, J. E. Thorsen, O. Gudmundsson, A. Arabkhoohsar, B. V. Mathiesen: Perspectives on fourth and fifth generation district heating, Energy, Volume 227, July 2021.

Y. Xi, T. Hamacher, V. Perić , Z. Chen, H. Lund: Bi-Level Programming for Optimal Strategy of a Combined Smart Energy System, 7th IEEE International Smart Cities Conference, May 2021.

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M. Chang, J. Z. Thellufsen, B. Zakeri, B. Pickering, S. Pfenninger, H. Lund, P. A. Østergaard: Trends in tools and approaches for modelling the energy transition, Applied Energy, Volume 290, May 2021.

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T. B. Nielsen, H. Lund, P. A. Østergaard, N. Duic, B. V. Mathiesen: Perspectives on energy efficiency and smart energy systems from the 5th SESAAU2019 conference, Energy, Volume 216, February 2021.

A. Nikas, A. Gambhir, E. Trutnevyte, K. Koasidis, H.Lund, J.Z.Thellufsen et al.: Perspective of comprehensive and comprehensible multi-model energy and climate science in Europe, Energy, Volume 215, January 2021.