Department of Planning

Henrik Lund

Journal Articles Published in 2020

P. Sorknæs, P. A. Østergaard, J. Z. Thellufsen, H. Lund, S. Nielsen, S. Djørup, K. Sperling: The benefits of 4th generation district heating in a 100% renewable energy system, Energy, Volume 213, December 2020.

D. Meha, A. Pfeifer, N. Duić, H. Lund: Increasing the integration of variable renewable energy in coal-based energy system using power to heat technologies: The case of Kosovo​, Energy, Volume 212, December 2020.

M. Yuan, J. Z. Thellufsen, H. Lund, Y. Liang: The first feasible step towards clean heating transition in urban agglomeration: A case study of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, Energy Conversion and Management, Volume 223, November 2020.

Y. Xi, J. Fang, Z. Chen, H. Lund, S. M.Thomsen, A. Dyrelund, P. G. Kristensen: Integration and Coordination of Flexible Resources in Multi-energy Systems, IEEE PES General Meeting, March 2020.

S. Paardekooper, H. Lund, M. Chang, S. Nielsen, D. Moreno, J. Z. Thellufsen: Heat Roadmap Chile: A national district heating plan for air pollution decontamination and decarbonisation, Journal of Cleaner Production, Volume 272, November 2020.

X. Xu, W. Hu, D. Cao, Q. Huang, W. Liu, C. Chen, H. Lund, Z. Chen: Economic feasibility of a wind-battery system in the electricity market with the fluctuation penaltyJournal of Cleaner Production, Volume 271, October 2020.

A. Menapace, J. Z. Thellufsen, G. Pernigrotto, F. Roberti, A. Gasparella, M. Righetti, M. Baratieri, H. Lund: The design of 100 % renewable smart urban energy systems: The case of Bozen-Bolzano, Energy, Volume 207, September 2020.

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J. Z. Thellufsen, H. Lund, P. Sorknæs, P. A. Østergaard, M. Chang, D. Drysdale, S. Nielsen, S. R. Djørup, K. Sperling: Smart energy cities in a 100% renewable energy context, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Volume 129, September 2020.

P. Cabrera, H. Lund, J. Z. Thellufsen, P. Sorknæs: The MATLAB Toolbox for EnergyPLAN: A tool to extend energy planning studiesScience of Computer Programming, Volume 191, June 2020.

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S. Djørup, K. Sperling, S. Nielsen, P. A. Østergaard, J. Z. Thellufsen, P. Sorknæs, H. Lund, D. Drysdale: District Heating Tariffs, Economic Optimisation and Local Strategies during Radical Technological Change, Energies, Vol 13, Issue 5, March 2020.

P. Sorknæs, H. Lund, I. R. Skov, S. Djørup, K. Skytte, P. E. Morthorst, F. Fausto: Smart Energy Markets - Future electricity, gas and heating markets. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Volume 119, March 2020.

P. A. Østergaard, R. M. Johannsen, H. Lund, B. V. Mathiesen: New Developments in 4th generation district heating and smart energy systemsInternational Journal of Sustainable Energy, Volume 27, March 2020.

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H. Lund, N. Duic, P. A. Østergaard, B. V. Mathiesen: Perspectives on Smart Energy Systems from the SES4DH 2018 Conference. Energy, Volume 190, January 2020.