Department of Planning

Henrik Lund

Journal Articles Published 2017

JZ Thellufsen, H. Lund: Cross-border versus cross-sector interconnectivity in renewable energy systemsEnergy, Vol 124, pp. 492-501, April 2017.

A David, B. V. Mathiesen, H. Averfalk, S. Werner, H. Lund: Heat Roadmap Europe: Large-Scale Electric Heat Pumps in District Heating Systems. Energies, Vol 10 (4) April 2017. 

H. Lund, P. A. Østergaard, D Connolly, B. V. Mathiesen: Smart energy and smart energy systemsEnergy, May 2017.

H. Lund, F Arler, P. A. Østergaard, F Hvelplund, D Connolly, B. V. Mathiesen, P Karnøe: Simulation versus Optimisation: Theoretical Positions in Energy System ModellingEnergies, Vol 10 (7), July 2017.

H. Lund, P. A. Østergaard: Smart District Heating and ElectrificationInternational Journal of Sustainable Energy Planning and Management, Vol 12, pp. 1-4, January 2017.