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Project partners

Project partners


Aalborg University, founded in 1974, is one of Denmark’s six universities. All research and study programs have a heavy emphasis on sustainability and providing interdisciplinary solutions to the problems facing our world of today. Among universities globally, Aalborg University was recently ranked no. 1 on the Times Higher Education Impact Rankings, one of the world's most recognized ranking lists, for quality education supporting the UN sustainable development goal no. 4.   Aalborg University is the largest IT‐university in Denmark and with its CLAAUDIA IT infrastructure supports the project with all aspects of research data handling, including supercomputing, cloud computing, and data storage services.



CML (Centrum for Milieuwetenschappen) at Leiden University (NL) researches sustainable management of natural resources, environmental quality, and biodiversity in a strategic multidisciplinary manner. CML has been involved in the development of EXIOBASE and are currently running the PANORAMA project that deals with related issues on material supply chains under the leadership of Dr. José Mogollón.



CICERO (Center for International Climate Research, Oslo) is Norway’s foremost institute for interdisciplinary climate research. CICERO contributes to the modelling of climate relevant ecosystem flows and feedbacks.

2.-0 LCA

2.-0 LCA consultants ApS is an internationally oriented consultancy dedicated to environmental and social impact assessment using the life cycle approach. 2.-0 LCA consultants have offices located in Denmark, Spain and the Netherlands and played a leading role in the construction of the current hybrid version of EXIOBASE.