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PhD defence by Alex Rodrigo Montecino Muños

The Fabrication of the mathematics Teacher as Neoliberal Subject


27.08.2018 kl. 13.00 - 16.00


This Ph.D. dissertation aims at problematizing the discourses about the mathematics teacher through an intensive reading, which is accomplished through a Foucault-inspired discourse analysis and historizing of the present. This implies a critical questioning of dominant discourses about the desired teacher, power/knowledge relationships, technologies of government, and taken-for-granted truths, in order to rethink the fabrication of the mathematics teachers without the teacher, as well as, conceive and understand the mathematics teacher entangled with historical and social conditions. Building on Foucauldian and Deleuzian toolboxes, this dissertation troubles how the mathematics teacher becomes a neoliberal subject, and how certain technologies of government are assembled to make particular kinds of teachers—the desired mathematics teacher. The mathematics teacher is understood as a discursive formation that is submerged in a constant becoming and evolving. That is, the mathematics teacher, as a subject, is constantly constituted through discourses (Foucault, 1991a) and social practices (Foucault, 1985).

The dissertation is a collection of papers. It is composed of five non–sequential papers, which operate as an assemblage of interrelated contributions, which is woven on two movements, an unpacking of discourses through an intensive reading and the conducting of the mathematics teacher conduct. The discursive network (re)produces and shapes the conditions in which the mathematics teacher is constituted by disposing and normalizing what is considered a good teacher, as well as what can be enunciated and investigated. A narrative about the desired teacher is drawn, in which the good mathematics teacher becomes a myth. The mathematics teacher is framed as being in a constant struggle for his/her survival and for not becoming obsolete. It is possible to identify within the discursive network the constitution of power/knowledge relations and processes of subjectivation in which the mathematics teacher turns from the “I must”—the mathematics teacher conducted by one other—towards the “I want” and “I need”; that is towards self-management and self-conduct of the mathematics teacher.

Please email alexm@plan.aau.dk to get a copy of the thesis

assessment committee

Professor Emeritus Dr. Ole Skovsmose, Aalborg University
Professor Anna Chronaki, Malmö University
Associate Professor Mario Sanchez Aguilar, CICATA, National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico University


Professor Paola Valero, Stockholm University

Professor Lars Bo Henriksen, Aalborg University


Associate Professor Bettina Dahl Søndergaard Department of Planning, Aalborg University, Denmark


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