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Inaugural Lecure by Honorary Professor Maria Partidário

Challenges in Strategic Thinking for Sustainability


06.12.2017 kl. 14.00 - 15.30


Dr. Maria Partidário is an internationally recognized scholar and practitioner within environmental governance, especially strategic thinking in strategic environmental and sustainability assessments. She has cooperated with a long list of interesting organisations and governments, often with point of departure in the systematic approach to strategic thinking that Maria has developed. The approach is recognized by governments and the EU and can be found here

Maria’s research argument is that thinking strategically is about the art of connecting long- term vision and short term actions, and of adjusting and adapting to evolving situations. That means perhaps changing pathways that will lead to the vision, even changing objectives and targets in face of emerging and unexpected conditions, taking action to pursue the aim set by the vision, and always learn, embracing multiple values. Strategic thinking calls for a shift in dominantly linear and operational mind sets. When taking sustainability as a long-term purpose for the future we want three main challenges occur: first agree on what it means, secondly agree on the priority actions to get there, and third engage purposeful collective action and learning. This lecture will reflect on the challenges to make transitions for sustainability happen, namely by using strategic assessment instruments to enable focus on priorities, maintaining flexibility and fluidity, recognizing unpredictability and encouraging intuition and creativity. 


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The Danish Centre for Environmental Assessment at Department of Planning


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