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Can Science Be Saved?

David Budtz Pedersen and Finn Collin will present the paper "Savng Science" by Daniel Sarewitz and comment upon the debate it provoked. The meeting will be held in Danish or English, according to the participants.


03.02.2017 kl. 14.15 - 16.00


Can Science Be Saved?

Abstract: In his landmark essay, science studies scholar Daniel Sarewitz explores a number of myths about modern science and how it's supposed to work. In “Saving Science” (2016), Sarewitz identifies a number of foundational problems in the scientific edifice. Prioritizing “curiosity-driven” basic research, which has long characterized our thinking about funding for and management of academic institutions, is fundamentally misguided according to Sarewitz. The idea that technological breakthroughs – airplanes, smartphones, computers, effective pharmaceuticals, the internet, GPS, etc. – that shape the modern world are the result of “the free play of free intellects” is a myth. By buying into that myth, we’ve created a crisis in science, of which issues like irreproducibility and irrelevance are symptomatic. According to Sarewitz, our task now is to steer the scientific enterprise back to solving real-world problems. In this presentation David Budtz Pedersen and Finn Collin scrutinise Sarewitz’ argument about the current crisis of science and looks for alternative models to Sarewitz strong reliance on the military-industrial framework for research and innovation. 

Read “Saving Science” in its entirety here.

FINN COLLIN is professor emeritus of philosophy at University of Copenhagen and member of the Humanomics Research Centre, University of Aalborg. He holds a Ph.D. degree from the University of California at Berkeley and a dr.phil. degree from the University of Copenhagen. 

DAVID BUDTZ PEDERSEN is associate professor of philosophy and science communication and co-director of Humanomics Research Centre, University of Aalborg. 

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