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Applying for a PhD - Questions and Answers

Applying for a PhD at Department of Planning

There a number of ways to become a PhD student at the Technical Faculty of IT and Design at Aalborg University. You can read more about the opportunities below:

Get a phd


Financing of a PhD study at Department of Planning

In order to be enrolled as a PhD student at Department of Planning you need to take financing into consideration.

main options for the PhD enrolment

1: Apply for and obtain an available position with wages

You can apply for a vacant position. Please refer to:

2: 100 % external financing of tuition fee, no wages included


You can be enrolled as a PhD student without receiving wages from Aalborg University. In that case you only have to raise financing for the tuition fee.

3: Apply for financing via the Industrial PHD Initiative

You can apply for financing via the Industrial PHD Initiative. Descriptions can be found at The Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation.

The PhD Process

You can find overall information about being a PhD student at The Technical Doctoral School of IT and Design or you can find specific information through the links below:

PhD Courses

All our courses can be found here: 

Please be aware that you can only register for the courses three months before deadline


Database on all danish phd courses

Database on all danish phd courses

International Staff Office

International Staff Office