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Keynote presentation by Prof. Brian Vad Mathiesen at the 3rd International Conference on Smart Energy Systems and 4th Generation District Heating 2017
Brian Vad Mathiesen gave his keynote presentation “Towards a smart energy system approach in Europe – Enabling robust and cost-effective Renewable Energy investment strategies” at the 3rd International Conference on Smart Energy Systems and 4th Generation District Heating in Copenhagen, 12-13 September 2017. This keynote presents the newly started project RE-INVEST and explores the early signs of risks in the current investment trends in Europe as well as the potential solutions to these challenges using a two dimensional and smart energy system approach. See more about this and other conferences at:


Smart Energy Systems – the road to a fossil free Denmark.  A short video presentation of the concept of Smart Energy Systems made for the Energy Planning Research Group at Aalborg University.  Read more about the Smart Energy Systems concept from this homepage:


Today, 40% of the energy consumed in Europe is for heating. All this energy can become sustainable through modern district heating systems collecting waste heat from power plants and industry, and working at low temperatures which minimizes the heat loss and integrates more sources of renewable energy. 

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Heat Roadmap Europe 4 - Vision and results
Prof. Brian Vad Mathiesen, Project Coordinator of HRE, explains the motivation and vision behind the research project and the results of the decarbonisation scenarios of heating and cooling sectors for 2050. The scenarios concern the 14 EU countries who count for the 90% of the heating demand as for 2015


Presentation on Smart energy systems - a holistic and integrated approach to 100 % renewable energy at the SDEWES 2013 conference in Dubrovnik 22nd - 27th of September 2013.


Interview with Professor Brian Vad Mathiesen on how the future of energy supply should be shaped, Denmark 2015.

Interview with Professor Brian Vad Mathiesen on how to prevent energy loss by creating district heating networks and cogeneration plants, Belgium 2014. Link to video.