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Lund, H. Østergaard, P.A. Connolly, D. Mathiesen, B.V. Smart energy and smart energy systems. Energy, May 2017.

Lund, R. Østergaard, D.S. Yang, X. Mathiesen, B.V. Comparison of low-temperature district heating concepts in a long-term energy system perspective. International Journal of Sustainable Energy Planning and Management, Vol 12, pp. 5-18, March 2017.



Connolly, D. Lund, H. Mathiesen, B.V. Leahy, M. A review of computer tools for analysing the integration of renewable energy into various energy systems. Applied Energy, Vol 87(4), pp. 1059-1082, April 2010. (Citet 526 times in Scopus by July 2017). Among the Top 10 most cited papers of Applied Energy. 

Lund, H. Mathiesen B.V. Energy system analysis of 100% renewable energy systems - The case of Denmark in years 2030 and 2050. Energy, Vol 34(5), pp. 524-531, May 2009. (Citet 419 times i Scopus by July 2017). Among the Top 10 most cited papers of Energy.

Lund, H. Möller, B. Mathiesen, B.V. Dyrelund, A. The role of district heating in future renewable energy systems. Energy, Vol 35(3), pp. 1381-1390, March 2010. (Citet 298 times in Scopus by July 2017).

Mathiesen, B.V. Lund, H. Karlsson, K. 100% Renewable energy systems, climate mitigation and economic growth. Applied Energy, Vol 88(2), pp. 488-501, February 2011. (Citet 239 times in Scopus by July 2017).

Lund, H. Andersen, A.N. Østergaard, P.A. Mathiesen B.V. Connolly, D. From electricity smart grids to smart energy systems - A market operation based approach and understanding. Energy, Vol 42(1), pp. 96-102, June 2012.(Citet 219 times in Scopus by July 2017).

Lund, H. Werner, S. Wiltshire, R. (...). Hvelplund, F. Mathiesen, B.V.. 4th Generation District Heating (4GDH). Integrating smart thermal grids into future sustainable energy systems. Energy, Vol 68, pp. 1-11, April 2014.(Citet 209 times in Scopus by July 2017).

Connolly, D. Lund, H. Mathiesen, B.V. Leahy, M. The first step towards a 100% renewable energy-system for Ireland. Applied Energy, Vol 88(2), pp. 502-507, February 2011. (Citet 159 times in Scopus by July 2017).

Connolly, D. Lund, H. Mathiesen, B.V. (...). Østergaard, P.A. Nielsen, S. Heat roadmap Europe: Combining district heating with heat savings to decarbonise the EU energy system. Energy Policy Vol 65, pp. 475-489, February 2014.(Citet 135 times in Scopus by July 2017).

Mathiesen, B.V. Lund, H. Comparative analyses of seven technologies to facilitate the integration of fluctuating renewable energy sources. IET Renewable Power Generation, Vol 3, pp. 190-204
, June 2009 (Citet 121 times in Scopus by July 2017).

Liu, W., Lund, H., Mathiesen, B.V., Zhang, X. Potential of renewable energy systems in China. Applied Energy, Vol 88(2), pp. 518-525, February 2011. (Citet 120 times in Scopus by July 2017).

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