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The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs has appointed IFM Associate Professor Alyne Delaney as a member of the International Scientific Advisory Committee to the Pulse Trawl Research Programme (2015-2019). The focus of the research programme is on the ecological effects of pulse trawling and aims to provide a scientific basis for the decision-making process and which will be effectively communicated to the stakeholders. Dr. Delaney has been appointed to ensure that the social and economic effects of decision-making related to the Trawl Programme research will be taken into account.

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IFM is a social science research and advisory centre working with fisheries and marine management and coastal community development. In particular, IFM focuses on questions of governance within an ecosystem-based approach to marine management. IFM is specialised in crossdisciplinary collaboration and is frequently teaming up with institutions/colleagues from other disciplines in order to develop suitable solutions to the problems in question.

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